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    KGF Chapter 3 Release Date, OTT, Plot, Cast, Expectations, & More

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    KGF Chapter 3: The Wait Continues for the Epic Finale

    The mega success of KGF Chapter 2 has left fans eagerly waiting for the next part of the KGF series. KGF Chapter 1 was released in 2018 and shattered many records to become one of the highest-grossing Kannada films of all time. It’s sequel KGF Chapter 2 took the buzz around the series to an unprecedented high. Directed by Prashanth Neel, the action extravaganza starring Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, and Srinidhi Shetty in lead roles, went on to earn over Rs 1200 crores at the global box office.

    Naturally, fans are now looking forward to KGF Chapter 3. While an official announcement is still awaited, there have been strong indications that the KGF series will return with a third outing. Let’s take a look at all the updates and inside details about the much-awaited KGF 3.

    KGF Chapter 3 Release Date

    The makers are yet to reveal the official release date of KGF Chapter 3. However, if reports are to be believed, the movie will likely hit screens sometime in 2024.

    In an interview, KGF producer Vijay Kiragandur confirmed KGF 3 is on the cards. He stated, “We are still working on the script for KGF 3. The film is not complete as chapter 2 had a complete story. We could have stopped with part 1, but we did not. But chapter 3 will happen for sure. We will start to work on it after October this year once director Prashant Neel is done with Salaar.”

    So, it’s confirmed that KGF 3 will go on floors in late 2023. Considering the grand scale and visual effects, the movie may take over a year to produce. Hence, a tentative release timeline for KGF Chapter 3 seems to be mid or late 2024.

    KGF Chapter 3 Cast

    The lead cast is expected to repeat their roles in KGF Chapter 3.

    • Yash as Raja Krishnappa Bairya aka Rocky Bhai
    • Sanjay Dutt as Adheera
    • Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen, Prime Minister of India
    • Srinidhi Shetty as Reena Desai
    • Anant Nag as Anand Ingalagi
    • Malavika Avinash as Deepa Hegde
    • Achyuth Kumar as Guru Pandian

    There will likely be some new antagonists introduced in KGF 3 to challenge Rocky’s supremacy. Fans are also hoping Prakash Raj returns to his role as corrupt minister Vjayendra Ingalagi.

    KGF Chapter 3 Plot Details

    The end of KGF Chapter 2 left us with an epic cliffhanger regarding Rocky Bhai’s fate. The post-credits scene shows a bloodied Rocky Bhai trying to get back on his feet. So it’s evident that Rocky survived the climactic face-off with Adheera.

    KGF Chapter 3 will likely pick up from where Chapter 2 ended. It would be interesting to see a more vulnerable and humane side to Rocky as he recovers from his injuries. With his empire growing, Rocky is bound to face threats from all sides. The government and political powers would aim to bring him down.

    New rivals can emerge wanting to overthrow Rocky and take control of the KGF gold mines. Rocky’s desire to retain his power and supremacy will drive the narrative forward. There would be high-octane action sequences as Rocky wages wars on multiple fronts.

    The dynamics between Rocky and Reena will also evolve in exciting ways. Reena has become a prominent public figure now, so balancing her political responsibilities with her personal relationship with Rocky would be an engaging plot point.

    Overall, KGF Chapter 3 has the potential to take the series to an epic conclusion, with Rocky Bhai cementing his legendary status.

    Director Prashanth Neel’s Vision

    In interviews, director Prashanth Neel has expressed his grand vision for wrapping up Rocky Bhai’s journey in KGF Chapter 3. He wants the climax to give viewers an adrenaline rush like never before.

    Neel is planning to up the scale and action even more in KGF 3. In his own words, “If you thought KGF 1 was massive and KGF 2 was big, KGF 3 will be gigantic.” The filmmaker has promised that Chapter 3 will be “a meal” for all kinds of audiences.

    Neel aims to make KGF 3 a visually-stunning theatrical spectacle with high-voltage drama, emotions, and combat sequences. The intent is to deliver a fitting finale that does justice to the KGF series.

    Kgf Chapter 3 Trailer

    Audience Expectations from KGF Chapter 3

    Needless to say, expectations are sky-high from KGF Chapter 3 after the exponential success of KGF 2. Here are some of the key things viewers are looking forward to in the sequel:

    • The epic confrontation between Rocky and Adheera – Their face-off was left unfinished in Chapter 2. Fans would be thrilled to see the two Titans clash in a final decisive battle.
    • More layers to Rocky’s character – Rocky’s vulnerability was hinted at in Chapter 2. The audience expects to see his human side as he deals with challenges to his authority.
    • High-octane action – Creative, large-scale action sequences that set new benchmarks for Indian cinema.
    • Foot-tapping music – The BGM and songs were a highlight of KGF 1 & 2. Fans look forward to an equally rousing musical score.
    • Memorable dialogues – Rocky Bhai’s punch lines have become a pop culture phenomenon. Viewers anticipate whistle-worthy dialogues.
    • Surprise cameos – Appearances from superstars of different film industries will pique audience curiosity.
    • Strong female characters – Ramika Sen and Reena Desai made their presence felt in Chapter 2. Their empowered roles should continue in the sequel.
    • Epic storytelling – A gripping plot exploring the dark underbelly of power and politics will amplify the drama.

    If KGF Chapter 3 succeeds in meeting the above expectations, it will be a massively satisfying payoff for fans.

    1st Look of KGF 3 Poster

    There is no official 1st look poster released for KGF Chapter 3 yet. The movie is still in the planning and pre-production stage as the script is being developed.

    Some key points regarding the poster:

    • No poster shoots have happened so far as casting and finalizing the plot are pending.
    • Fans have made some fan-made posters on social media speculating about Rocky’s look in KGF 3, but those are not official.
    • The makers generally surprise fans by dropping the poster around a year before the planned release date.
    • Going by this, we can expect the first official poster of KGF 3 somewhere in late 2023 or 2024, if the movie is targeting a 2025 release.

    So, there is no 1st look poster released yet as KGF Chapter 3 development work is currently ongoing at the writing and pre-production stage. The official poster will be out 1-2 years before the movie hits screens.

    KGF Chapter 3 OTT Platform Release Date

    There is no official announcement about the OTT release date of KGF Chapter 3 as the movie is yet to be made. Once the movie is released in theaters, the digital streaming rights will be acquired by Amazon Prime Video or Netflix and it will release on the platform after a few months of the theater release.

    Is Rocky alive in KGF 3?

    There is no confirmation on the plot or characters of KGF Chapter 3 yet as the script is still being developed. However, going by the cliffhanger ending of KGF Chapter 2, it is expected and speculated that Rocky might be alive in KGF 3 as well to continue his reign as the king of Kolar Gold Fields. But this is not officially confirmed.

    What is the budget of KGF 3?

    The budget of KGF Chapter 3 hasn’t been declared yet as the movie is in the planning stage currently. Given the massive success of KGF Chapters 1 and 2, the makers will be planning a larger-than-life visual spectacle for KGF 3 as well. Analysts estimate that the production budget of KGF 3 could be more than 500 crores considering the rising costs.

    When will KGF 3 release?

    There is no official announcement about the release date of KGF Chapter 3. After the blockbuster success of KGF Chapter 2 in 2022, the makers have indicated they will start work on KGF 3, provided Vijay Kiragandur’s other projects do not interfere. Fans speculate KGF 3 might hit screens in late 2024 or 2025, considering the production and VFX work needed. But the exact release date will be shared officially in a year or two.

    The Final Words

    As Yash rightly said about KGF’s future, “The minute we announce KGF 3, people will start writing the story.” There are endless possibilities for how Rocky Bhai’s journey could culminate. One thing’s for sure – KGF Chapter 3 will be an event film that has the entire nation buzzing with excitement.

    The KGF series has opened up new realms for Indian cinema and redefined the post-pandemic theatrical experience. One can expect KGF 3 to take the legacy forward with a befitting grand finale that justifies all the build-up over two blockbuster films. Here’s hoping the Rocky Bhai mania continues with a power-packed final chapter!

    FAQs about Kgf Chapter 3

    Who is the director of KGF Chapter 3?

    As of KGF Chapter 2, the director was Prashanth Neel. It’s likely he would continue this role if a third chapter were to be made.

    Who are the main actors in KGF Chapter 3?

    As of KGF Chapter 2, the main actors were Yash, Sanjay Dutt, and Raveena Tandon. They would likely reprise their roles if a third chapter were to be made.

    In which languages will KGF Chapter 3 be released?

    As with the first two chapters, KGF Chapter 3 would likely be released in Kannada and then dubbed into other languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

    Will KGF Chapter 3 be the final installment in the series?

    Yes, but that depends upon the filmmakers.

    What can we expect from the storyline of KGF Chapter 3?

    The storyline would continue from where KGF Chapter 2 left off, but specific plot details would be determined by the filmmakers.

    When can we expect the trailer for KGF Chapter 3 to be released?

    The trailer release date would be announced by the filmmakers closer to the film’s release.

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